We service all makes and models of trailers; Our Services include MVI’s, Vehicle Hitches and Wiring, as well as complete repairs to recreation vehicles. If you would like to learn more about the products we carry or services we provide please stop by for a visit in person at 65 Polymer Rd. in Truro, Or give us a call at (902) 897-1199


An inspection sticker indicates that the vehicle has been inspected and found
to meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations.


Wheels are a very important and critical component of your running gear system. When specifying or replacing your trailer wheels it is important that the wheels, tires, and axle are properly matched for proper weight ratings.

Brake Systems

Trailer brakes are required on all wheels of a trailer if the trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 1400KG. Or in some cases if the trailer weight exceeds 50% of the tow vehicles weight.


Choosing the right hitch for your truck or car isn’t always obvious. Lucky for you, we make the search and comparison of hitches easy. Our trailer hitch selection is based on the most recommended brands of no-weld custom trailer hitches that will best fit your car or truck.

RV Accessories

Hilltop is home to all types of RV and Trailer parts and Accesories! Let us help you find the right accessory for the job and make sure it is properly installed for your next trip or haul!


Common problems in electrical systems are, faulty connections, grounding issues, worn or pinched wires, burnt out bulbs, faulty lights and damaged or worn out plugs. Our team can help diagnose your running lights, signals, stops and more!